Here are my priorites for the Newark's South Ward.

We can make the south ward better by working together

Public Safety | Quality of Life

John is committed to improving public safety in the South Ward and Newark as a whole.  Born and raised in the South Ward, John was mugged for his bomber jacket in 1985 and still has a .22 bullet in his right leg.  He went on to serve over 23 years in the United States Army and volunteered to serve in Afghanistan during the war as an Infantry Combat Commander from 2007-2008.  Returning home John continued to work as a Board member of the South District Police Community Relations Council (SDPCRC) and was elected its President from 2011-2013.  SDPCRC is Newark’s oldest Community based organization and works directly with the Newark Police Department to improve Public Safety within the South Ward and Citywide.  Knowing that Public Safety issues cannot be solved by the police alone, John has enlisted the community, clergy, city resources and non-profits to assist.  Together they have provided various programs to divert at risk youth and adults from criminal activity.


John knows that a stable employment is the basis for self sustainability, growth and family structure.  John voted to support Paid leave, Living wages and approved an Anti-Wage Theft Ordinance.  We live in a tough economy where many of the manufacturing jobs of Newark’s past which fueled its highest population growth have disappeared. John’s goal is to use city resources like Newark Works, Newark Workforce Investment Board (WIB), NAN Tech World on Hawthorne Ave. and Training Recreation Education Center (TREC) on Ludlow St. to provide the best opportunity for increased employment of South Ward and Citywide residents. The Bergen Lyons Clinton Special Improvement District (BLCSID) will improve quality of life, beautification and security along a large South Ward corridor.  This will enhance commerce for small community businesses to foster their growth towards increased employment opportunities.

Public Education

John received a Juris Doctorate in Law from Rutgers – Newark and an English Degree from Morehouse College in Atlanta.  John believes that education is the key to survival in the modern world.  Lack of education leads to fewer opportunities in a person’s lifestyle and employment choices.

In Newark’s South Ward, our Traditional schools have been placed in disarray due to an ill-conceived reorganization plan which brought in many charter schools but did not allow sufficient community input.  We must now unite to reinvest in proper planning and curriculum within our school district as we come out of State Control.  Looking ahead to Local Control, John will continue to work closely with the community and educators to insure the best quality of education for our youth who are our future.

Monthly South Ward Community Meetings Every 3rd Saturday

From 9am – 11am at The NAN Center, 400 Hawthorne Avenue.

For more information, call my City Hall office number at 973.733.3753. Thank you.


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